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We offer a large selection of portable backgrounds to enhance the feel and look of your event. Whether it is a holiday theme or traditional or formal we have it. We are here to make your event spectacular.

Corporate Event Photography Miami, Florida

Event Photography TV in Miami, Florida is the top event photography company in Miami, Florida offering step & repeat, also known as shoot & print, services. Located in Miami, Florida and offering services to the surrounding area, Event Photography specializes in trade show shoot and print or step and repeat sessions, offering a variety of backdrops, print sizes and framing options. Event Photography TV provides photo and video services to most every Fortune 500 company for Award Shows, Conventions, Conferences, Trade Shows, Corporate Receptions, Private Events and most any other event imaginable! We offer on-site photo printing for meet and greet sessions, using only the highest quality inks and papers for memories that will last a lifetime. Our shoot and print or step and repeat capabilities allow for up to 60 photos printed per hour – that’s one photo per minute. Your guests will go home with waterproof, smudge-proof pictures in a frame featuring your company logo. It’s no wonder that movie stars, sports celebrities and Fortune 500 companies turn to Event Photography in Miami, Florida for their photographic needs! Corporate and trade show photos are some of the most visible and important photographic communication pieces produced for a company. Many times shoot and print functionality is needed for these events. Shoot and print, also known as step and repeat, is where the photos are taken and then printed on-site. These kind of corporate and convention event photographs represent the company and its people and are used to create an image and public identity for the organization. With a varied number of backdrop options, you can custom-tailor a shoot and print or step and repeat photo session to each type of corporate event.

Photography: Pre-Capturing and Capturing

Event Photography TV in Miami, Florida handles many events in the Miami, Florida region including celebrity athletes, weddings, corporate photography and convention photography, events and headshots, and some events that defy description. Most performance events take place under sub-optimal lighting conditions. Stages are often poorly lit, lit with lights through colored gels, and a multitude of distracting background elements. This presents a challenge for the photographer, as the results are often blurred, impossible to white balance in the camera, and very cluttered. It's common to have a very large number of images due to the difficulty of capturing something just right. For Miami Event Photography, the role of post-processing is to obtain a number of images that are viewable, printable, and marketable. We prefer full-screen viewing, particularly if it's in the early morning immediately after an event and we’re fatigued. A second window with thumbnails can be opened with rapid scaling of thumbs. A single keystroke opens the current image in Photoshop. Event Photography uses a dual-monitor setup with a color-managed monitor for image files and a second older monitor for tools and other things like email that I usually keep open.

Adjustments in Photoshop

Event Photography in Miami, Florida prefers to do most adjustments in Photoshop. The primary reason is that we use layers for almost all images, which simplifies making changes later in the processing. Also, we do a lot of local adjustments and quite a bit of cloning for performance and events. In a situation where there is no control over the background and the photos are not being published as news or journalism, this activity can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the results. Typical cloning needs for event photography images will be for distracting lights, microphone stands, and clutter on the stage. For photos that will end up in color, the process is:
  1. Curves layer, adjust for overall appearance
  2. Clone layer to take out clutter and distractions
  3. Layer for localized contrast adjustment
  4. Layer for localized sharpening
  5. Sometimes a layer for blurring background elements
The layer for localized contrast adjustment is often one of the most important. In quite a few images, light value relationships need to be adjusted to emphasize a subject that was photographed in changing and sometimes weak light. If the image is going to be multi-purposed:
  1. The file is saved back in a folder inside the date folder with the original
  2. Resize to purpose, flatten, and global sharpening, if necessary
  3. Additional local sharpening as required
  4. Final global sharpening is done with Photoshop's smart sharpen filter, which I find quite effective, even with slightly soft images

Archiving and Backup

All original files are backed up in at least four locations and cards are not scrubbed until there is at least three of the four backups are performed. At Event Photography, we archive to external hard drives. When hard drives fill up, one is sent to the same relative who also copies it to tape. I have yet to lose a file, but it's always better to be on the cautious side with backup. In our case, living in an earthquake-prone area drives the remote storage strategy, but there are plenty of other reasons to do similarly. Also, the hard drives are disconnected from power when not writing or reading. All the drives at our Miami, Florida site, are logged by date and an index number.


Whether you looking for an event photographer that can capture more spontaneous shots at particular event or you are interested in traditional types of photography with formal poses; the style of event photography you want will help choose the photographer. When hiring someone to shoot your special event, make sure you are aware of his or her specialty. Many photographers specialize in one type of work or another, such as event photography, corporate photography, trade show photography, or shoot and print, also known as step and repeat photography with on-site printing.

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